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Cigarette TV Ads - Lucky Strike

Compilation of Lucky Strike commercials featuring the campaigns, "Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco" and "Go Happy, Go Lucky," as well as television show sponsorship including "Your Hit Parade" and "Gunsmoke."

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: guyburns - - September 27, 2013
Subject: Good range of ads, but rather dull with variable-quality video
18 ads in 16 minutes with no repeats. Some are poor-quality copies of ads available elsewhere (noted below). Overall, due to the poor quality video or because of the ads themselves, none of these offerings really grabbed me except the one at 01.20.

Ads include:

00.20: Square Dance. Poor copy of

01.20: Dorothy Collins (I think) introducing “Your Hit Parade” with the catchy jingle “Light up a Lucky, it’s light-up time”

02.25: Tobacco auctioneer. Poor video quality.
03.15-5.50: Several ads with the same man talking about LS/MFT. Very dull ads.
05.50: News item casting aspersions on reports of cigarettes causing cancer.
06.20: Animated TV promo, baseball
07.00: Humorous Humphrey Bogart interview about Lucky Strike
09.00: Dorothy Collins in TV promo for “Your Hit Parade”. Poor video quality.
13.00: Gunsmoke TV promo. Poor video quality.
13.20: Stunt car driver.
14.20: Frank Gifford (football star, I presume) driving a dune buggy.
15.30: Animated jingle of people at a ball game.
16.00: Animated clock ad. Poor copy (incomplete) of